Episode 443: Great news from the past year about animal conservation, a brilliant quote from Archbishop Tutu, Paris stuns in winter, the dance artistry of the Nicholas Brothers, and more…

Good News: Some uplifting reminders of the animals who stepped back from the brink of extinction in the past year!

The Good Word: A wonderfully profound quote from Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Good To Know: A clever little fact about the name “Earth”…

Good News: More good animal news, this time regarding the reintroduction of several species through the rewilding movements around the world!

Wonderful World: Take a short, virtual tour of the lovely city of Paris as it appears under a blanket of snow, Link HERE.

Good For You: If you’ve never seen the Nicholas Brothers, or their legendary performance in “Stormy Weather”, this is your chance! Link HERE.

Sounds Good: Listen, if you dare, to this delightful, clever, and ultimately kind of hilarious mashup of “Carol of the Bells” with the “Imperial March” from Star Wars, HERE

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