Episode 444: More end-of-year recaps on Universal Basic Income and the fight against plastic waste, a phenomenal quote from Archbishop Tutu, the glory of Edinburgh in the snow, the unbridled power of Vivaldi’s “Winter” from The Four Seasons, and more…

Good News: Several places tried out the idea of a Universal Basic Income in various ways and methods, and the results were extremely promising!

The Good Word: Listen to a brilliant quote from Archbishop Desmond Tutu on the concept of “ubuntu”.

Good To Know: A great bit of typewriter trivia!

Good News: An overview about some of the major steps forward in the fight agains plastic waste and single use plastics around the world!

Wonderful World: Take a delightful 15-minute guided stroll around lovely Edinburgh during snowfall, Link HERE.

Good Times: Celebrate the New Year’s Eve birthday of the great artist Henri Matisse, and learn a bit more about him, HERE.

Sounds Good: It wouldn’t be a week of wintry classical music without hearing a brilliant performance of Vivaldi’s “Winter” movement from his masterpiece, “The Four Seasons”, HERE.

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