Episode 442: Fossil fuels on the wane, a great quote from Desmond Tutu, viruses getting eradicated, the delights of London in the snow, learn to make mince pies from Mary Berry, and more…

Good News: A recap of the many ways in which we are moving past fossil fuels as a source of power in the world, and all the benefits of this.

The Good Word: Another brilliant quote from Desmond Tutu.

Good To Know: Some fascinating information about the history of the English Language!

Good News: A look back a a few of the OTHER viruses that were in the news this year, and the ways in which they were defeated!

Wonderful World: Take a half-hour stroll around the lovely streets of London in a beautiful snowfall, Link HERE.

Bon Appetit: In less than five minutes, the charming Mary Berry with show you how to make the seasonal English treat, mince pies! Link HERE.

Sounds Good: Spend a few contemplative minutes listening to the great Donald Brinegar Singers performing the wondrous “Little Tree”, written by Eric Whitacre, HERE.

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