Episode 235: A zero-waste concept supermarket in Scotland, some lovely billboards in London, one of the most beautiful places to have a coffee in Sydney, a lovely viola piece by Telemann, and more…

Good News: Locavore, a food company that grows their own organic foods, plans to open a small chain of zero-waste supermarkets in the city, Link HERE

The Good Word: Celebrating the legacy of the late, great Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

Good To Know: A painfully surprising bit of trivia about twins…

Good News: Some billboards in the London area have been turned over to artists and musicians, to spread empathy!

Wonderful World: A brilliant video from the Head Roaster at The Grounds At Alexandria, near Sydney, one of the most beautiful places to grab a cup of coffee on Earth, Link HERE

Good Company: A celebration of the kindness and hilariousness of the lovely Graham Norton, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Happy Birthday (on Sunday) to Georg Philip Telemann! Listen to, and watch, this great performance of one of his works, a Viola concerto, HERE

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