Episode 234: European bison on the comeback, many celebrations of the birthday of Douglas Adams, a breathtaking (!) performance of “Blackbird” by Bobby McFerrin, and more…

Good News: European Bison have seen their population grow enough to be removed from endangered lists! Link HERE

The Good Word: Hear some poetry from the most (in)famous species of poets in all of science fiction…

Good To Know: A little trivia about the birthday boy, Douglas Adams!

Good News: The state of Minnesota is actually paying homeowners to plant wildflowers and other plants in their yards to help the pollinator populations in the state, Link HERE

Wonderful World: A small rant about “iced mochas” in Australia, and the the praises of the remarkable coffee shop, ACOFFEE, in Collingwood, near Melbourne, Link HERE

Good Times: What else to say about this date in history except that it gave us Douglas Adams in 1952! Listen to him read the beginning of HIS favorite book that he wrote, Last Chance To See, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Another birthday to celebrate, Bobby McFerrin! Watch his stunningly brilliant acapella performance of the Beatles classic, “Blackbird”, HERE

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