Episode 236: An endangered toad gets a lifeline, coral reefs in Fiji on the rebound, glorious hot springs in Italy, and more…

Good News: The endangered Harlequin toad has been successfully bred in captivity for the first time ever, Link HERE

The Good Word: A brilliant quote from J.D. Salinger…

Good To Know: One of the most unusual horse race victories on record!

Good News: Coral reefs which were devastated by a storm years ago are coming back beautifully, to the surprise and delight of scientists, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Virtually visiting the remarkable and otherworldly hot springs, Terme di Saturnia, in Italy! Link HERE

Good One: Your weekly dose of hilarity…

Sounds Good: Happy Birthday to the great jazz and swing trumpeter Harry James! Check him out in his heyday, leading his orchestra in the classic “Two O’Clock Jump”, Link HERE

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