Episode 79: The Covid Crisis provides a surprising upside to homelessness in Oxford, an extraordinary piece of music from Bruckner, an amazing new mask is coming from Japan, and more…

Good News: The UK city of Oxford is using the pandemic to help get the homeless off the streets and into more permanent housing, Link HERE

The Good Word: A beautiful thought about art from Gustave Kllimt.

Good To Know: Wanna know something funny about the cereal, Shredded Wheat…?

Good News: A robotics company in Japan is developing a Covid-19 prevention mask that amplifies the user’s voice and can translate into 8 different languages! Link HERE

Wonderful World: the phenomenal BBQ of St. Louis, Missouri-based restaurant Salt + Smoke, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Listen (as loudly as you dare) to Anton Bruckner’s soul-stirring “Os justi meditabitur sapientiam”, Link HERE

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