Episode 80: Amazing new cost-effective smart window tech, a great spot for coffee in Edinburgh, the great Thelonious Monk plays “Well, You Needn’t”, and more…

Good News: RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, is spearheading new technology to create affordable, spray-on coating for windows to make them “smart windows”! Link HERE

The Good Word: Another brilliant quote from Vincent “Big Vinnie” Van Gogh

Good To Know: Something amazing about the wingspan of a Boeing 747…

Good News: Millions of rapid coronavirus tests are going to be deployed across the UK in advance of the coming winter, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Have one of the best cups of coffee you’ll ever enjoy, at The Milkman Coffee Shop in Edinburgh, Scotland! Link HERE

Sounds Good: Watch as the amazing and idiosyncratic Thelonious Monk plays his tune “Well, You Needn’t” with his quartet in 1965, Link HERE

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