Episode 78: Homeboy Industries wins a major prize, Infrared lasers may help to treat Alzheimer’s Disease, Sinatra swings a classic tune with the Count Basie Orchestra, and more…

Good News: Homeboy Industries, an organization to help gang members re-enter mainstream life, has won $2.5 million to further their work! Link HERE

The Good Word: Vincent Van Gogh drops more knowledge…

Good To Know: Let’s learn something trivial about the Moon.

Good News: Researchers are finding hopeful results in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease by using infrared laser resonance, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Hear about the delights and charms of the Lime Tree Hotel B&B in London’s Belgravia neighborhood, Link HERE

Sounds Good: No big deal. Just Frank Sinatra. And the Count Basie Orchestra. And Quincy Jones. Doing “Fly Me To The Moon”. That’s all. Link HERE

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