Episode 569: The EU takes a huge step in the fight against CO2 emissions, a gorgeous poem from Mary Oliver, good news in the struggle to prevent dementia, more of the beauty of Vienna, the swinging vocals of Ella Johnson, and more…

Good News: The EU parliament has voted on legislation to ban all CO2 emissions in automobiles, beginning in 2035, Link HERE.

The Good Word: Listen to the poem “The Summer Day”, by Mary Oliver.

Good To Know: A classic bit of trivia about sharks and cows!

Good News: Vitamin D deficiency has been shown to be linked to dementia, giving hope for preventative measures, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: A little more exploration of the wonders of Vienna and its surroundings, HERE.

Good Times: The Antarctic Treaty came into effect on this day in 1961, so learn a thing or two about that amazing continent, HERE.

Sounds Good: Happy belated birthday to the brilliant big band vocalist, Ella Johnson! Listen to her swinging rendition of “Alright, Okay, You Win”, HERE.

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