Episode 570: Rewilding efforts in the UK continue to grow, a great poem by Robert Frost, the EU drafts a milestone law to protect nature, the wonders of Salzburg, some sultry Cuban music for your summer, anymore…

Good News: One in every five British councils are involved in the Rewilding Movement, link HERE.

The Good Word: A classic short poem from Robert Frost.

Good To Know: A startling fact about the planet (?) Pluto…

Good News: The EU Commission has drafted legislation to reverse biodiversity loss, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Take about ten minutes to learn about some of the highlights of the remarkable Austrian city of Salzburg, Link HERE.

Good Company: The heartwarming and powerful TV show “Ted Lasso” took the world by storm awhile back. Find out a little bit of why, HERE.

Sounds Good: Celebrate the onset of warmer weather with the gorgeous and languid song “Chan Chan”, from the soundtrack to the 1999 documentary “Buena Vista Social Club”, HERE.

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