Episode 445: More great year-end-recaps of great things that happened, an important quote from Archbishop Tutu, the beauty of Seattle in the snow, a great compilation of the thoughts of Mister Rogers, a soul-stirring choral performance, and more…

Good News; A look back a some of the absolutely breathtaking advances in biotechnology and medicine in the past year!

The Good Word: An exceptionally good quote from Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Good To Know: A surprising and fun bit of information about certain words…

Good News: 2021 was a banner year around the world for cyclists and groups which are keen to spread more cycling and walking in the great cities of the world.

Wonderful World: Take a look at just how gorgeous Seattle is under some beautiful snow, HERE.

Good Company: What better way to wrap up this year than in the exceptionally Good Company of Mister Rogers? Check out a lovely compilation, HERE.

Sounds Good: One last great choral performance for this year, this time from the “social-music initiative” know as Koolulam. Watch their chills-inducing and lovely performance of “One Love”, HERE.

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