Episode 351: Americans are recycling more, a great quote from Mr. Rogers, a “green” steel company in Sweden, some bonus Phil Rosenthal, celebrating the birthday of Claude Debussy with a surprising performance, and more…

Good News: Americans are recycling and/or repurposing lots of their plastic wares around the home, more than expected!

The Good Word: Revisiting a great quote from Mister Rogers…

Good To Know: A surprising fact about our planet’s amazing oceans!

Good News: A steel manufacturer is producing their product with entirely green processes and delivered their first shipment recently! Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Explore an amazing, cutting edge restaurant in beautiful Buenos Aires, courtesy of the amazing Phil Rosenthal, HERE.

Good One: Your weekly dose of “Dad Joke” material…

Sounds Good: Yesterday was the birthday of Claude Debussy! Listen to one of his most famous works, “Clair De Lune”, performed by a master: Victor Borge (seriously!) Link HERE.

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