Episode 350: The success of the 1987 CFC ban, a splendid A.A. Milne quote, the charming wit of Phil Rosenthal, the glory of “A Jazz Portrait of Frank Sinatra” by The Oscar Peterson Trio, and more…

Good News: A study recently released demonstrates that the 1987 ban on CFCs in response to the hole in the ozone layer prevented an additional 1 degree C rise in global temps, Link HERE.

The Good Word: One more lovely quote from A.A. Milne’s Winnie-The-Pooh stories.

Good To Know: Another fascinating fact about candy!

Good News: A new educational center devoted to Scotland’s rewilding movement is being built near Loch Ness, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Winding up a week in Austria, we visit the gorgeous and historic city of Innsbruck, Link HERE.

Good Company: Spend a few brief but delightful minutes in the very Good Company of Phil Rosenthal as he answers a few random questions, HERE.

Sounds Good: One more great Oscar Peterson bit! Listen to the entirety of his brilliant 1959 album “A Jazz Portrait of Frank Sinatra”, Link HERE.

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