Episode 308: Coffee is better than you thought, a lovely summertime poem, the beauty of Tuscany, some great Cuban music, and more…

Good News: Several studies have been released recently, showing a myriad of health benefits from drinking COFFEE! Link HERE.

The Good Word: The delightfully evocative poem “Adelstrop”, by Edward Thomas.

Good To Know: A somewhat unsettling fact about ants…

Good News: White-tailed eagles, once extinct in the UK, have responded brilliantly to a reintroduction scheme, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Take a relaxing tour of one of the most scenic areas in Italy, the lovely Tuscany region, Link HERE.

Good For You: Some brilliantly good-for-you information about the amazing show “Somebody Feed Phil”!

Sounds Good: The summertime sounds continue with the incredible artistry of Buena Vista Social Club, performing their classic “Candela”, live in Amsterdam! Link HERE.

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