Episode 309: MIT releases a list of nations by their environmentalism, a summery poem from Lewis Carroll, an AMAZING fact about penguins, the jazz artistry of Milt Hinton, a sultry swing song from Billie Holiday, and more…

Good News: Check out this enlightening list from MIT, that ranks the nations of the world according to their environmental commitments, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A splendid, yet melancholy, poem about summers past, by Lewis Carroll.

Good To Know + Good News: An absolutely amazing fact about penguins, and some truly remarkable information to explain it!

Wonderful World: Santorini, Greece, is possibly the most Mediterranean-feeling place in the whole Mediterranean! Check it out HERE.

Good Times: Celebrating the birth, artistry, and joy of the great jazz bass player, Milt Hinton! Check him out on The Tonight Show, playing “(Back Home In) Indiana”, HERE.

Sounds Good: Hard to think of a song that evokes summertime more than “Summertime”, and here is a classic performance by Billie Holiday in 1936! Listen HERE.

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