Episode 294: The mental benefits of the sounds of nature, a great quote from C.S. Lewis, Chile takes a huge step to improve the environment, the glory of Cologne Cathedral, and more…

Good News: New research points to a plethora of mental health benefits from listening to moving water in nature, Link HERE.

The Good Word: Another brilliant thought on the value of great children’s literature, from C.S. Lewis.

Good To Know: Some interesting information about the way we all shed…

Good New: The government of Chile has introduced new legislation to regulate single-use plastics and help reduce waste, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: A celebration of a true masterpiece of High Gothic architecture, Cologne Cathedral in Germany, Link HERE.

Good Times: Happy birthday (last Sunday…) to the great jazz and swing musician, Benny Goodman! Listen to his band playing in their heyday, with “Life Goes To A Party” from 1938, Link HERE.

Sounds Good: Our tour through the history of Ska continues as we head into the Third Wave movement with a fantastic band, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Listen to their great song “Kinder Words” HERE.

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