Episode 295: Great environmental news from Scotland and the EU as a whole, a brilliant quote from Mark Twain, the wisdom of Will Rogers, the brilliance of ska-punk legends Dance Hall Crashers, and more…

Good News: Scottish environmental groups are looking to the country’s lochs as a great potential resource for solar energy!

The Good Word: An absolutely spot-on thought from Mark Twain…

Good To Know: An AMAZING fact about some frogs in Alaska!

Good News: Carbon emissions in the EU nations fell by 4 percent last year, potentially signaling a downward trend, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: The soul-soothing splendor of St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle and the sublime weekly Compline service every Sunday night, Link HERE.

Good Company: We return this week to the gently pointed political wit of Will Rogers, Link HERE.

Sounds Good: Wrapping up our Ska music week with a loving look at many of the ska-punk movement of the 1990s, and a great track from Dance Hall Crashers, HERE.

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