Episode 768: More great solar power news, a classic Mister Rogers quote, a biological ally in the climate change fight, the beauty of Honolulu, a delightful dance number, an uplifting choral performance, and more…

Good News: Solar power continues to grow in the UK, Link HERE!

The Good Word: A great Mister Rogers quote that is always worth returning to.

Good To Know: A delightful historic fact about President Teddy Roosevelt’s daughter…

Good News: Scientists have discovered a new microbe that might be able to help fight climate change! Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Explore the delights of Honolulu, HERE.

Good For You: Check out an absolutely wonderful swing dance performance from Juan & Sharon from 2009, HERE.

Sounds Good: Lift your spirits with this beautiful nearly-spontaneous choral performance of Bob Marley’s anthemic “One Love”, HERE.

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