Episode 738: Studies offer ideas for better health, a great Mister Rogers quote, London schoolchildren get free meals next year, the mind-blowing magic of the late Brian Gillis, the music of De La Soul, and more…

Good News: Two studies show health benefits from good relationships and regular exercise, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A thought-provoking quote from Mister Rogers…

Good To Know: A bit of information about Daylight Savings Time!

Good News: Schoolkids in London will get free meals next year, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Take a virtual trip up Newcastle Cathedral’s Lantern Tower, HERE.

Good For You: The brilliant sleight-of-hand magic of the late Brian Gillis is very Good For You! Watch some HERE.

Sounds Good: Witness the breathtaking collaboration between De La Soul and The Roots, HERE

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