Episode 714: Tractors that can run on dung, a great quote from Albert Schweitzer, the beauty of the French Alpine town of Chamonix, the laid-back swing of jazz trombonist Trummy Young, and more…

Good News: A manufacturer has created a tractor that runs on biome thane from cow dung! Link HERE.

The Good Word: Another brilliant quote from Dr. Albert Schweitzer.

Good To Know: A fascinating (and only slightly creepy) fact about the human body.

Good News: Learn something AMAZING about the astronomical skills of the ancient Aztecs, HERE.

Wonderful World: Explore the charming Alpine village of Chamonix, France, with Rick Steves! Link HERE.

Good Times: Learn a bit about the remarkable painter, John Singer Sargent, HERE.

Sounds Good: Happy birthday to the great jazz and swing trombonist, Trummy Young! Check him out, performing with Louis Armstrong and His All-Stars, HERE.

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