Episode 707: Looking back on several countries supporting artists as well as the Four-Day Work Week, a classic quote from Mister Rogers, the beauty of Buenos Aires, a fantastic restaurant in that city, the sonic genius of A Tribe Called Quest, and more…

Good News: A little reminder of the great steps taken by countries around the world in support of artists!

The Good Word: Another great quote from Mister Rogers for your day.

Good To Know: A surprising and compelling fact about oceans and oxygen…

Good News: Looking back at some of the advances toward the Four-Day Work Week!

Wonderful World: Take a virtual vacation to glamorous and fascinating Buenos Aires, Argentina! Link HERE.

Bon Appetit: Join the brilliant Phil Rosenthal for a bonus scene from his show “Somebody Feed Phil”, at the great restaurant Proper, in Buenos Aires, HERE.

Sounds Good: More jazz + hip-hop goodness, this time with A Tribe Called Quest and their classic track “Jazz (We Got)” , Link HERE.

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