Episode 658: Gaza’s beaches reopen for swimming, Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky”, the Maldives create a floating city, Phil Rosenthal visit’s Oahu’s “Pig and the Lady”, Vince Guaraldi plays “Autumn Leaves”, and more…

Good News: The formerly hazardously polluted beaches of the Gaza Strip are open for swimming again, Link HERE.

The Good Word: Listen to Lewis Carroll’s classic poem, Jabberwocky.

Good To Know: A fun historical fact about Hershey’s Chocolate bars with Almonds.

Good News: The Island nation of the Maldives is building a floating city to cope with rising sea levels, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Phil Rosenthal and his son Ben visit the amazing Oahu-based restaurant, Pig and the Lady, Link HERE.

Good For You: Pleasant images and music are always Good For You, and this lengthy video of gorgeous autumnal landscapes is perfect! Link HERE.

Sounds Good: Listen to Vince Guaraldi’s contribution to this week’s theme of the music of autumn with his Trio’s rendition of “Autumn Leaves”, Link HERE.

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