Episode 413: Aussie students give their school an energy makeover, a quote from Aristotle, the beauty of Seattle’s downtown, the brilliance of “The Adventures of Robin Hood”, A Tribe Called Quest rocks Letterman, and more…

Good News: High school students in Tasmania have saved their school $44,000 in utility bills thanks to their clever overhaul of the energy use, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A great quote from Aristotle!

Good To Know: A great fact about the history of tea in tea bags.

Good News: An engineering student from England’s Bath University has created a low-cost, highly efficient clothes washing machine that could change the game for people the world over! Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Watch a gorgeous aerial video of Seattle’s scenic downtown area, Link HERE.

Good For You: The classic Hollywood film “The Adventures of Robin Hood” with Errol Flynn from 1938 is definitely Good For You. Watch the vintage trailer HERE.

Sounds Good: Today’s deep cut is A Tribe Called Quest’s brilliant “Check The Rhime”. Watch them perform it live on Letterman in 1992, HERE

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