Episode 407: A D-Day vet still raising funds for memorials, a great coffee fact, sea turtles on the rebound in Cape Verde, the splendor of Vienna’s coffeehouses, the brilliant jazz guitarist Russell Malone, and more…

Good News: One of the last living D-Day veterans in England is still raising money for charities that continue to create memorials to that battle, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A great and thoughtful quote for your day.

Good To Know: A surprising fact about instant coffee!

Good News: Loggerhead Sea Turtle populations in Cape Verde are rebounding magnificently. Learn how and why HERE.

Wonderful World: More amazing river cruises today, this time along the mighty Danube river in Europe, with a splendid video about it all from Rick Steves, Link HERE

Bon Appetit: Check out the delights of the many historic and wonderful coffeehouses in Vienna, Austria, courtesy of a little tour video HERE.

Sounds Good: Happy birthday to the phenomenal jazz guitarist, Russell Malone! Dig his sound as a part of the Diana Krall Trio, performing “Hit That Jive, Jack” HERE.

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