Episode 99: Great financial news regarding the fight agains climate change, the great documentary about Mister Rogers, a lesser-known wine-haven in California, and more…

Good News: Norway’s largest asset-management firm has dumped fossil fuel accounts over their climate lobbying, Link HERE

The Good Word: Several thoughtful quotes from the great Cesar Chavez.

Good To Know: A really amazing fact about Disney’s animated classic “Beauty and the Beast”…

Good For You: If you haven’t already watched it, consider this your clarion call to see the documentary about Mister Rogers, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Virtually explore one of the loveliest, unsung wine regions in California, Paso Robles, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Check out Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald singing a swinging medley together…until Ella starts to scat and Frank just takes a seat…Link HERE

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