Episode 73: 2.4 million pounds of food rescued from waste and put into food banks, more reasons to get the flu shot, the smooth tap styling of Jimmy Slyde, and more…

Good News: The EastWest Food Rescue group is taking potentially wasted crops from Eastern Washington to food banks in Western Washington, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Mister Rogers on the Quiet Moments In Life…

Good To Know: Wanna know something about a great German word…?

Good News: A massive research study shows incredible peripheral benefits to the seasonal Flu shot, including massive drops in risks of heart attacks and strokes, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Explore the phenomenal Bangladeshi city of Bagherat, one of the great ancient examples of city planning and learn why it’s at risk, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Spend a few delightful minutes in the presence of one of the best and smoothest tap dancers of all time, Jimmy Slyde, live at the White House! Link HERE

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