Episode 758: Hope in the fight against Malaria in Africa, a great quote from Coleridge, mushrooms take on cigarette butts, the fluid beauty of Taoist philosophy and Tai Chi, the brilliance of Queen Latifah, and more…

Good News: A new anti-Malaria vaccine is going into use in Africa! Link HERE.

The Good Word: A good reminder today, from Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Good To Know: An odd fact about Brad Pitt…

Good To Know: Australia is pioneering the use of mushrooms (!!!) to eliminate cigarette butt waste, Link HERE!

Wonderful World: Take a virtual visit to a mountain in China, sacred to Taoism! Link HERE.

Good For You: Curious about Tai Chi? Learn about it, and learn how to do it, HERE! And read Harvard’s explanation of Tai Chi’s health benefits HERE.

Sounds Good: Check out the brilliance of Queen Latifah and her first major hit, “Ladies First”, HERE.

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