Episode 744: Citizen science projects are good for you, a classic quote from Mark Twain, the upside to avalanches, the sights of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, the brilliance of Van Gogh, the musical wonder of Norah Jones, and more…

Good News: Citizen science projects improve the wellbeing of the participants! Link HERE.

The Good Word: A brilliant quote from Mark Twain!

Good To Know: An odd fact about baby pandas…

Good News: Italian researchers have found a surprising upside to avalanches, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Take a brief tour of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile with Rick Steves, HERE.

Good Times: Happy birthday to the brilliant and influential painter, Vincent Van Gogh! Learn about him through his masterpiece, The Starry Night, HERE.

Sounds Good: Today is the birthday of the amazing pianist, singer and songwriter, Norah Jones! Watch her perform her hit, “Don’t Know Why”, HERE.

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