Episode 729: Great news for a great river in England, a lovely quote from Agatha Christie, a clever way to fight marine pollution, two historic hotels in Honolulu, the great art of Norman Rockwell, one of Mozart’s most famous operatic arias, and more…

Good News: The famous River Mersey in Liverpool, England, has recovered brilliantly from many years of industrial pollution, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A splendid quote from the great Agatha Christie!

Good To Know: Some more fun trivia about the English language.

Good News: Surfers and sailors in the Netherlands have created a clever and lo-fi means of fighting river pollution from reaching the sea! Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Explore the history of two iconic, historic hotels in Honolulu: The Moana and the Royal Hawaiian! Link HERE.

Good Times: Happy birthday (tomorrow!) to the famous painter and illustrator, Norman Rockwell! Take a look at his life and art through a wonderful short documentary, HERE.

Sounds Good: Experience a phenomenal performance of one of the greatest arias in all of opera, the “Queen of the Night” from “The Magic Flute”, performed HERE by Diana Damrau and the Royal Opera!

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