Episode 727: A terrible intestinal disease nears defeat, a gorgeous quote from Atul Gawande, six choices to fight mental decline, the splendor of the Byodo-In temple,

Good News: Guine Worm Disease, once a blight for tens of millions annually, has been nearly eradicated! Link HERE.

The Good Word: A brilliant quote from Atul Gawande!

Good To Know: A fascinating fact about English spoken around the world…

Good News: Learn about six lifestyle choices that can fend off mental disease and decline, HERE.

Wonderful World: Virtually visit the Byodo-In temple on Oahu, HERE!

Bon Appetit: Oahu is famous for incredible food trucks serving Garlic Shrimp…check out the legendary BEST, Giovanni’s on the North Shore, HERE.

Sounds Good: Enjoy a phenomenal performance of the charming “Voice Che Sapete” aria from Mozart’s opera “The Marriage of Figaro”! Link HERE.

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