Episode 726: Renewable energy shifts into high gear, a great quote from Les Miserables, the beauty of snorkeling on Oahu, the heart-rending sounds of Mozart’s Requiem, and more…

Good News: The race to make renewable energy the primary energy sources of the world is taking off! Link HERE.

The Good Word: A thoughtful quote from Victor Hugo’s remarkable “Les Miserables”.

Good To Know: A great fact about the English language!

Good News: Colombia has decided to halt all new fossil fuel projects, Link HERE!

Wonderful World: Explore the wonders of snorkeling in Hawaii with a virtual visit to “The Three Tables” on Oahu, HERE.

Good One: Your weekly hilarious (?) joke!

Sounds Good: Celebrating Mozart Week kicks off with a heart-rending performance of “Lachrimosa” from the Requiem in D Minor, HERE.

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