Episode 715: Great progress in the fight against diseases around the world, one last amazing quote from Albert Schweitzer, a vaccine that may destroy brain cancer, the beauty of the Swiss Alps, the jazz guitar genius of Joe Pass, and more…

Good News: Learn about some really great news regarding the fight agains Guinea Worm disease, and Ebola, HERE.

The Good Word: One more great quote for you from Dr. Albert Schweitzer.

Good To Know: A pretty impressive fact about what the human body can do!

Good News: A vaccine being developed in Boston may be able to destroy cancer cells in certain brain cancers, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Check out the highest train station in Europe, high in the Swiss Alps! Link HERE.

Good Company: Spend a few minutes in the very Good Company of the jazz guitar genius, Joe Pass, HERE.

Sounds Good: …And then watch Joe Pass (birthday boy!) playing a solo guitar rendition of the classic, “Ain’t Misbehavin'”, HERE.

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