Episode 713: A plethora of new-to-science species were discovered in 2022, a thought-provoking quote from Albert Schweitzer, the beauty of Switzerland’s Lauterbrunnen Valley, the brilliance of R&B singer Ruth Brown, and more…

Good News: A look back at a few of the 146 new species of plants and animals that were discovered last year!

The Good Word: A wonderful quote from Dr. Albert Schweitzer!

Good To Know: A truly neat fact about the human body…

Good News: Researchers have finally mapped the entire interior design of human cells, and important breakthrough! Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Explore the glorious Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland, alongside the brilliant Rick Steves, HERE.

Good For You: The brilliant mind of Douglas Adams is always Good For You, so check him out in an interview from 1999! Link HERE.

Sounds Good: Happy early birthday to the influential and amazing R&B singer, Ruth Brown! Listen and watch as she performs one of her seminal hits, “Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean”, HERE.

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