Episode 703: A look back at great news about corporate climate leadership, and animal conservation form the past year, celebrating the Hogmanay holiday in Edinburgh, the heartwarming brilliance of Phil Rosenthal, the swinging drumming of Ed Thigpen, and more…

Good News: Remembering some of the great steps taken by big businesses to help fight climate change!

The Good Word: A truly lovely poem celebrating the New Year.

Good To Know: A genuinely odd historic fact about a US President and some cheese…

Good News: A short recap of some good news about animal conservation in 2022!

Wonderful World: Check out the New Year’s Celebrations in Edinburgh, known as Hogmanay! Link HERE.

Good For You: Phil Rosenthal’s enthusiasm for travel, food, and joie de vivre is very Good For You, so watch the Tokyo episode of “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having”, HERE.

Sounds Good: Happy birthday to the phenomenally talented and tasteful drummer, Ed Thigpen! Check him out with the Oscar Peterson Trio in Denmark in 1964, HERE

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