Episode 697: Banking firm HSBC pledges to stop funding new fossil fuel projects, a delightful poem from e e cummings, the delights of the Cologne Christmas Market, the seasonal foods of London’s Borough Market, Beethoven’s Violin Concerto, and more…

Good News: European banking giant HSBC has pledged not to fund any more fossil fuel projects going forward! Link HERE.

The Good Word: The splendid Christmassy poem [little tree] by e.e. cummings.

Good To Know: Learn a bit about the remarkable backstory of “Deck The Halls”!

Good News: Belgium plans to tax private jets, among other things, in an effort to curb emissions in the aviation industry, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Explore the many delights of the Christmas Market in Cologne, Germany! Link HERE.

Bon Appetit: Join hosts Josh and Ollie of the YouTube channel “Jolly”, as they guide you around the Christmastime foods of London’s Borough Market, Link HERE.

Sounds Good: Enjoy this performance of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto, featuring Itzahk Perlman, HERE.

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