Episode 695: Some good news about leprosy (?!), one more great quote from Jane Austen, the gorgeous Cook Islands of the South Pacific, a delightful old-time radio Christmas show with Bing Crosby, and more…

Good News: A remarkable property of the parasite that carries leprosy may be able to grow new, healthy livers in HUMANS! Link HERE.

The Good Word: One last quote this week from Jane Austen!

Good To Know: A truly startling fact about escalators…

Good News: Some fun news regarding a poll on people’s feelings about the holiday season!

Wonderful World: Another beautiful virtual vacation! This time: the Cook Islands! Link HERE.

Good For You: Old-Time Radio is very fun and Good For You! Listen to this wonderful Christmastime show starring Bing Crosby, HERE.

Sounds Good: Another amazing live performance from Frank Sinatra! Listen to him singing his classic, “Fly Me To The Moon”, HERE.

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