Episode 693: A breakthrough in the quest for nuclear fusion power, a delightful Jane Austen quote, some breathtaking coral reefs in the South Pacific, the remarkable song “Christmastime Is Here”, a swingin’ performance by Frank Sinatra, and more…

Good News: A huge breakthrough has been achieved in the movement to create nuclear fusion and open up the potential for unlimited clean energy for the world! Link HERE.

The Good Word: A sentiment from Jane Austen with which we can all agree…

Good To Know: A fun fact AND a fun word!

Good News: An incredible story about the rebirth of a devastated coral reef system, HERE.

Wonderful World: Explore those very reefs with National Geographic, HERE.

Good For You: Learn a bit about the gorgeous and melancholy jazz tune, “Christmastime Is Here” by Vince Guaraldi, HERE.

Sounds Good: Another great performance from Frank Sinatra! “You Make Me Feel So Young”, from his live appearance at the Royal Festival Hall in 1962. Check it out HERE.

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