Episode 690: A great step forward for forests from the EU, a stunning wintertime poem, the delights of Christmastime in Switzerland, Lin-Manuel Miranda nerds out about Weird Al, the brilliant showmanship of Ray Nance, and more…

Good News: The European Union passes legislation to fight deforestation from an economic angle, Link HERE.

The Good Word: “A Winter Bluejay” by Sara Teasdale

Good To Know: A truly surprising fact about the snowiest city on Earth!

Good News: France has banned short-haul flights if a shorter train trip is available, a step toward innovation in sustainable aviation technology! Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Check out how Christmas is celebrated in lovely Switzerland, courtesy of the amazing Rick Steves, HERE!

Good Company: Listen to Lin-Manuel Miranda tell the story of the first time he met his idol, “Weird” Al Yankovic, HERE.

Sounds Good: Happy (tomorrow) Birthday to the great jazz trumpeter, violinist, singer and dancer, Ray Nance! Check out his performance of “Take The ‘A’ Train”, HERE.

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