Episode 689: Things are looking up for an endangered butterfly species, a gorgeous wintertime poem, good news for mangrove forests worldwide, Italian Christmas festivals, the classic swing of Louis Prima, and more…

Good News: A species of endangered blue butterfly in Oregon is coming back strong, thanks to amazing conservation efforts, Link HERE.

The Good Word: Listen to the lovely poem, “Snow” by Gillian Clarke

Good To Know: An incredible historical fact about a cold snap in 1911…

Good News: The loss of Mangrove forests worldwide has slowed to practically nothing, thanks to major conservation efforts, Link HERE!

Wonderful World: Take a virtual trip to Italy and see some of that country’s lovely Christmastime festivals and celebrations! Link HERE.

Good Times: Today is the anniversary of the birth of the brilliant painter and muralist, Diego Rivera! Learn about one of his masterpieces, “Man: Controller of the Universe”, HERE.

Sounds Good: Happy belated birthday to the amazingly talented trumpeter, singer and all-around entertainer, Louis Prima! Check him out in 1938, HERE!

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