Episode 684: The EU is cracking down on plastic bottle waste, a brilliant quote from CS Lewis, the wonderful Christmas market of Prague, the glorious style of painter Georges Seurat, the swinging piano of Wynton Kelly, and more…

Good News: The European Union is introducing legislature to reduce plastic bottle waste, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A really lovely quote from C.S. Lewis about friendship!

Good To Know: Another surprising fact about C.S. Lewis and his own feelin.gs about his legacy.

Good News: Even more reason to eat fruits and veggies: they can reduce bowel cancer in me by 22%! Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Check out the delights of this year’s Prague Christmas Market! Link HERE.

Good Times: Learn a bit about birthday boy Georges Seurat and his masterpiece,” An Afternoon at the Island of La Grande Jatte”, HERE.

Sounds Good: Happy early birthday to the great pianist, Wynton Kelly! Watch and listen to him play with his phenomenal trio, HERE.

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