Episode 677: Endangered amphibians on the rebound in Switzerland, a great quote from the Dalai Lama, the London Library gets its first female president, some mind-blowing Mexican food in San Francisco, the gorgeous Ceremony of Carols by Benjamin Britten, and more…

Good News: Hundreds of newly-dug ponds in Switzerland are helping to bring back endangered amphibian populations there! Link HERE.

The Good Word: A lovely quote from the Dalai Lama about kindness!

Good To Know: An impressive fact about turkey-eating at Thanksgiving.

Good News: The London Library is getting a notable new president…Link HERE.

Wonderful World + Bon Appetit: Check out the phenomenal La Torta Gorda, hailed as the best Mexican food in San Francisco, HERE.

Sounds Good: Celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the great English composer Benjamin Britten, by listening to his lovely Ceremony of Carols, HERE.

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