Episode 673: Dolly Parton receives an incredible award, a great quote from Plato, some amazing stories about food in California, the inspiring story of sushi master Jiro Ono, the swinging sound of Diana Krall, and more…

Good News: Dolly Parton has received an amazing financial prize to use for the charity of her choice! Link HERE.

The Good Word: A wonderful quote about music from Plato!

Good To Know: A fun historic bit of trivia about music in cars…

Good News: The United States Veterans Administration has nearly achieved its goal of housing every homeless veteran in the country, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Check out “Five Tasty Stories about California” courtesy of Great Big Story, HERE.

Good For You: The phenomenal documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” is a never-ending source of inspiration. Watch a brilliant excerpt HERE.

Sounds Good: Happy birthday to the amazing Diana Krall! Watch and listen to her and her trio as they swing the classic tune “Deed I Do”, HERE.

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