Episode 669: More low-cost rail comes to Europe, a great quote from Gandhi, an amazing environmental concept, the beauty of Edinburgh’s New Town, the brilliance of Sesame Street, Devo performs “Through Being Cool”, and more…

Good News: A new low-cost rail company is starting service in Spain this month, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A truly wonderful quote from Mahatma Gandhi.

Good To Know: A fun historic fact about Edinburgh and an elephant!

Good News: A Danish energy company is trying a new and innovative plan to combine two eco-friendly concepts, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Learn about and explore Edinburgh’s lovely, neoclassical New Town, alongside Rick Steves, HERE.

Good Times: Happy birthday to Sesame Street, which debuted on this day in 1969! Check out Jimmy Fallon & The Roots along with some Muppets, as they perform the show’s theme song, HERE.

Sounds Good: Watch Devo perform their truly amazing and inspirational (really!) song, “Through Being Cool”, live in 1981, HERE.

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