Episode 668: Psychedelic therapy for depression, a great quote from Walt Whitman, England gets a savannah, the wonder of Edinburgh’s St. Giles Cathedral AND that city’s amazing coffee shops, Devo performs “Girl U Want”, and more…

Good News: The psychedelic chemical in magic mushrooms is proving to be a powerful treatment for severe depression, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A lovely quote from the great Walt Whitman.

Good To Know: A splendid fact about Edinburgh!

Good News: England’s Devon coast is getting a savannah, courtesy of the efforts of the National Trust, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Take a virtual walking tour of Edinburgh’s iconic St. Giles Cathedral, Link HERE.

Good For You: A truly great cup of coffee is definitely Good For You, so check out this video highlighting seven brilliant Edinburgh coffee shops, HERE.

Sounds Good: One of Devo’s catchiest tunes, watch them performing “Girl U Want”, live in 1980, HERE.

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