Episode 667: Hope for the Amazon rainforest, a weird fact about a penguin in Scotland, the wonders of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, a stunning performance of “Gates of Steel” by Devo, and more…

Good News: Brazil’s election results bode well for the protection of the Amazon rainforests, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A brilliantly inspirational quote for your day!

Good To Know: An odd fact about one particular penguin in the Edinburgh Zoo…

Good News: A report shows benefits of returning endangered forests to indigenous cultures, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Take a stroll along Edinburgh’s Royal Mile alongside Rick Steves, HERE.

Bon Appetit: Rick Steves then gives us a visit to the amazing Scotch Whisky emporium “Cadenhead’s”, Link HERE.

Sounds Good: More amazing music from Devo! This time: “Gates of Steel”, live in 1980. Link HERE!

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