Episode 660: Surfing prescriptions in the UK, a delightful autumnal poem, Phil Rosenthal takes us to a Mexican barbecue joint in Maine, an interview with Louis Armstrong, the beauty of an Ella Fitzgerald ballad, and more…

Good News: Youth in the UK may now be prescribed activities such as dancing, surfing or rollerskating, for mental health, Link HERE.

The Good Word: T.E. Hulme’s delightful short poem, “Autumn”.

Good To Know: A fun fact about Disneyland!

Good News: Good news from the International Energy Agency’s annual report, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Phil Rosenthal joins an indie folk-rock band for some Mexican barbecue in Portland, Maine. Link HERE.

Good Company: Watch a wonderful interview with the great Louis Armstrong on the Dick Cavett Show in 1970, Link HERE.

Sounds Good: Float off into your weekend with the sound of Ella Fitzgerald singing the classic “Early Autumn”, Link HERE.

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