Episode 655: A major UK bank will cease funding new oil & gas, a lovely PG Wodehouse quote, cycling is on an upswing in England, the beauty of Murdoch Avenue in the Adelaide Botanic Garden, two celebrations of Dizzy Gillespie’s birthday, and more…

Good News: The Lloyd’s Banking company in the UK has pledged to stop funding new oil & gas projects, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A really lovely quote from PG Wodehouse about real happiness.

Good To Know: An amazing historical fact about women and a cross country motorcycle trip!

Good News: Cycling continues to increase in the UK, even after the pandemic! Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Take a virtual stroll through the delightful Murdoch Avenue, a twin row of massive Moreton Bay fig trees in the Adelaide Botanic Garden, HERE.

Good Company: Check out this insightful interview with birthday boy Dizzy Gillespie on Ralph J. Gleason’s Jazz Casual program, Link HERE.

Sounds Good: …and then watch Dizzy performing alongside the great Louis Armstrong as they play the classic, “Umbrella Man”, HERE.

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