Episode 646: Parisians to swim in the Seine, a great Wodehouse quote, Australia works to kick its coal habit, Phil Rosenthal visits Mississippi, Thelonious Monk swings in his own idiosyncratic way, and more…

Good News: The Mayor of Paris has committed 1 Billion Euros to help clean up the Seine River in Paris and make it swimmable again! Link HERE.

The Good Word: A great quote from PG Wodehouse!

Good To Know: A delightful historic fact about Eleanor Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart!

Good News: Australia has taken some amazing steps to help break its dependence on coal-fueled power, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Join Phil Rosenthal as he visits an incredible bar and restaurant in Greenville, Mississippi, called the Downtown Grille, HERE.

Good One: Your weekly hilarious (?) joke.

Sounds Good: Happy birthday to the late, great Thelonious Monk! Watch and listen to the man himself as he performs his classic composition, “Well, You Needn’t”, HERE.

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