Episode 639: Australia’s ocean kelp forests fight climate change, a classic TS Eliot excerpt, the fight to save the Guam Kingfisher population, Phil Rosenthal visits an amazing restaurant, Bud Powell dazzles you with his piano playing, Fred & Ginger dance to a Gershwin classic, and more…

Good News: Kelp forests can sequester more carbon than the Amazon rainforest, and the kelp forests of Australia are VAST! Link HERE.

The Good Word: A small sample of T.S. Eliot’s magnificent poetry.

Good To Know: A huge fact about blue whales!

Good News: Scientists and preservationists are working desperately to save the dwindling population of the Guam Kingfisher, HERE.

Wonderful World: Phil Rosenthal heads to Portland, Maine, and eats at the amazing Leeward restaurant! Check it out, HERE.

Good Times: Happy belated birthday to the phenomenal jazz pianist, Bud Powell! Watch him performing in 1962, HERE.

Sounds Good: More Gershwin goodness, this time with the wonderful Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers singing and dancing to the classic “They All Laughed”, HERE.

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